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    05/07/2021 - Andy’s Car Valeting 0 Comments
    Keep Your Car Clean: Legal Requirements

    Car owners across the UK pride themselves on the appearance of their cars. From washing and polishing the exterior to hoovering and sanitising the interior, they do all this to get every nook and cranny as clean as possible. While keeping the car clean is something that car owners strive to do, sometimes life gets in the way and cleaning is pushed back on the to-do list.


    We all know someone whose car is quite messy. But do you know someone who was fined for having an extremely messy car? In case you didn’t know, you could be fined for leaving your car in a mess—including the number plate and windscreen.


    In this post, we’ll look at the consequences if you fail to keep your car clean.

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    07/06/2021 - Andy’s Car Valeting 0 Comments
    Different Levels of Car Valeting

    Do you use the motorway a lot but rarely have time to clean your car? Your daily drives can make your vehicle look old and worn. If you use your car every day, there could be mud stains and hard dirt spots hiding in your tyres and other parts of the exterior.


    A popular way to have your vehicle cleaned, polished, and waxed to give it a showroom look and increase its resale value is through a car valet. Valeting is a thorough process and we talked about its many forms in our previous blog.


    Here, we’ll look at the different services we offer only here at Andy’s Car Valeting.

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    13/05/2021 - Andy’s Car Valeting 0 Comments
    Why Should You Clean Your Car?

    Buying a vehicle is one thing, but owning a car is another story. As you may already know, owning a car comes with many responsibilities. From doing yearly MOT tests and diagnostic check-ups to keeping the car free of dirt and grime at all times, there are tons of things you have to take care of.

    We can’t deny that some car owners in the UK simply don’t have the time to wash their car. That’s understandable as people have other responsibilities on their plate. However, cleaning your car is extremely important.

    In this post, we’ll go over the things you should know about car cleaning and why it is important to do so regularly.

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    06/04/2021 - Andy’s Car Valeting 0 Comments
    A Car Owner’s Guide to Car Valeting and Other Car Services

    Apart from a house, one of the most expensive purchases anyone will ever make in their life is a car. As a valuable investment, it’s only right for car owners to protect their vehicles and hire maintenance services to ensure their cars are in top condition all the time. Thankfully, car detailing and mobile car valeting services are now easily within reach.

    However, due to the recent increase in popularity in these services, there has been a big confusion between vehicle valeting and detailing. As far as the internet is concerned (if that’s anything to go by), there is actually no difference between the two. It’s just that they are called differently in different countries.

    Read through this blog for more information!

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    16/12/2020 0 Comments
    Five Reasons to Keep Up with Regular Car Valeting

    Often saved for special occasions, car valeting has some surprising hidden benefits when it’s done regularly.
    From helping your vehicle retain value to improving your health, there are lots of benefits waiting to be discovered.

    Read through this blog to see what you could be missing out on!

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