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Different Levels of Car Valeting

Do you use the motorway a lot but rarely have time to clean your car? Your daily drives can make your vehicle look old and worn. If you use your car every day, there could be mud stains and hard dirt spots hiding in your tyres and other parts of the exterior.


A popular way to have your vehicle cleaned, polished, and waxed to give it a showroom look and increase its resale value is through a car valet. Valeting is a thorough process and we talked about its many forms in our previous blog.


Here, we’ll look at the different services we offer only here at Andy’s Car Valeting.

Exterior Valeting

Valeting is a thorough process and covers different areas of a vehicle. As its name suggests, exterior valeting involves washing, polishing, and waxing all bodywork. It also includes cleaning the wheels and shuts, dressing the tyres and exterior plastics, and polishing glass.


We follow many different techniques and levels in this cleaning process. Starting with the pre-wash stage, we remove as much dirt as possible before washing the car’s paintwork. Then, we proceed with cleaning the arches, tires, wheel-face, and wheel-barrel.


For this exterior cleaning service, a wash mitt is used instead of sponges or brushes as they can cause micro-scratches. Apart from using a wash mitt, the car’s bodywork is rinsed and dried with a microfiber towel. This is to minimise contact with the paintwork and reduce the chance of scratches.


Exterior Protection

In addition to cleaning the bodywork, valeting also includes protecting some of the exterior surfaces. This layer of valeting involves applying paint protection in the form of a wax or sealant. Exterior protection also comes with the application of a tire dressing to protect the rubber.


The tire dressing provides a darker look to your tires. Alloy wheel protection using a sealant is also included in this service.


Interior Valeting


This service also comes in various forms. A standard interior valet service includes a vacuum. The vacuum is then followed by cleaning the mats, windows, plastics, seats, and steering wheel.


Depending on the package selected, this interior cleaning service may also include cleaning the headliner, door sills, air vents, boot parcel, and vent. With this service, the interior surfaces of your car are protected using fabric sealants, leather conditioners, and plastic dressings. To carry out deep interior cleaning and achieve the most desirable results, valets usually use high-end cleaning equipment and products.


Popular Car Valeting Packages

To reiterate, there are different levels of car valeting. These are typically broken down into packages to suit the needs of vehicle owners. The popular valeting packages may include the three services we mentioned above.


Here are the most popular valeting packages available:


Exterior Wash

Exterior washes only cover washing the exterior. The cost usually depends on where you take your car to be washed, but the standard price for this level of service is £40. You may have to pay a bit more if the valet uses premium tools and safe techniques to wash the car without causing scratches.


Full Interior

This level of service is a must for vehicles that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. The cost of full interior service depends on the condition and size of the vehicle as well as the location. You can expect to pay somewhere between £50-100 for this level of service.


Exterior and Interior Deep Clean

There’s a reason why this service is popular. It’s the most comprehensive cleaning package that leaves any car looking brand new. The average cost for an exterior and interior deep clean range from £150 and up, depending on the condition and size of the vehicle.


When should a car be valeted?

It is recommended to have a car valeted at least 3-4 times per year. You want your car to remain clean, protected, and in good condition to prevent both the exterior and interior surfaces from showing signs of age, so getting it valeted quarterly is the way to go. If your car is driven daily and stored outside, then you need to have it valeted more frequently.


Other Notes

Now that you know the different levels of valeting, you must be wondering how long it takes to valet a car. For mini valets, it usually takes less than one hour to clean up the interior and exterior. Full valets, on the other hand, can take around half a day to complete.


Some valeting services can take up to a day to complete as they include extras. So, if you’re okay with leaving your car for a day to ensure it gets cleaned from top to bottom, you can opt for a full valet.


For Expert Car Valeting, Turn to Andy’s Car Valeting

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